Democrats Say CRT-Linked Doctrine “Doesn’t Exist” in Public Schools. Parents and Teachers Say Otherwise.

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3 min readAug 24, 2021


Raleigh, N.C. — North Carolina Democrats claim that critical race theory and the doctrines it inspires “doesn’t exist” in public schools.

But parents and teachers report otherwise.

Here is a small sample of excerpted submissions to Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson’s task force investigating indoctrination in public schools:

  • My name is [redacted] and I am in my 14th year of teaching high school. [F]aculty and staff are required to attend professional development related to ‘equity’ and ‘microaggression’ as it relates to race, gender and other areas. . . As a staff, we are being told we are unintentionally racist based on the color of our skin (white) because we have racial bias we are ‘unaware’ of. We are given examples of microaggressions such as a statement ‘I believe everyone can succeed in today’s society if they work hard and the most qualified people should get the job’ translates to ‘white people believe people of color are lazy and don’t work hard.’ … These presentations are making their way into the classroom as faculty and staff are promoting their own political beliefs and opinions onto their students.”
  • “I’ve no issue with students being encouraged to speak out, ask questions, and express their point of view. I believe that’s how we learn. However, I have issues with these same students being encouraged to write about how oppressed one race is, or in one particular paper, how certain occupations, namely law enforcement, was oppressive and biased towards certain races . . . My daughter chose to stay on mute the majority of the year. Those that agree with [the teacher’s] point of view got positive attention. Those that did not, such as our daughter, who had the courage to join the conversation that day, were told in chat to ‘back down,’ ‘calm yourself,’ ‘some are going to try to make it hard on the majority of us who want equality for all.’”
  • “My child’s freshman history class was told that if ‘you were white and Christian, you should be ashamed.’ My child’s junior history class was told that ‘it is possible that some Republicans could be good people.’ Not only are the teachers indoctrinated and teaching the same indoctrination, but the curriculum in all the classes is all about race and gender . . . An actual opinion that doesn’t conform to the ‘woke’ culture would be criticized rather than thoughtfully discussed.”
  • “My son’s 6th grade English class was working on vocabulary today. All of the words my child was learning were critical race theory ‘buzz’ words such as: bias, discrimination, equity, inequity, racist, etc. The examples for which he had to select the corresponding word were focused entirely on painting white people as the bad people who perpetuate these things… This is not the first incident; it seems to me every time I listen in to his English class they are covering some topic of social justice ideology and very little learning grammar and composition.”
  • “The straw that broke the camel’s back for us was when a white male teacher made his class of 20 students (including my daughter) play the ‘privilege game.’ I’m sure you’re familiar with how it works. All students line up horizontally and then the teacher calls out certain things and you take a step forward or backwards accordingly. . .”

Parents are seeing their children learn in classrooms steeped with this doctrine every day. Cities like Durham are passing resolutions “to ensure critical race theory is included in public education.” Mecklenburg County tells its students, “We are called to be antiracists…we are all compelled to do our part.”

It’s no wonder even left-wing writers are sounding the alarm on Democrats ignoring this issue: “It is easy to see why parents might worry about such ideas, regardless of what they’re called, influencing educational practices. These worries cannot be bludgeoned away by saying CRT has no influence and parents just don’t want their kids taught about slavery. Parents are far more worried about their children being arrayed into hierarchies of privilege and oppression and encouraged to see everything through a racial lens than they are concerned with their children learning about historical incidents and practices of racism.”



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