Statements on Successful Veto Overrides

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2 min readOct 10, 2023

Raleigh, N.C. — Today, the North Carolina Senate successfully overrode five of Gov. Roy Cooper’s vetoes. The General Assembly has overridden all 19 of Gov. Cooper’s vetoes this year.

Sen. Warren Daniel (R-Burke) released the following statement on the override of Senate Bill 512, “Greater Accountability for Boards/Commissions”:

“Gov. Cooper has made it clear that he wants full control of appointments to state boards and commissions. His desire to handpick appointees that will do his bidding serves his party, not North Carolinians. The knowledge and expertise of the General Assembly and members of the executive branch should be utilized, not stifled. By overriding the governor’s veto, we are broadening the diversity of thought by balancing appointments from the governor, Council of State, and the legislature.”

Senate Redistricting and Elections Committee Chairmen Sen. Daniel and Sen. Paul Newton (R-Cabarrus) released the following joint statement on the overrides of Senate Bill 747, “Elections Laws Changes,” and Senate Bill 749, “No Partisan Advantage in Elections”:

“If you value fair elections, bipartisan election management, an Election Day deadline, and having only citizens vote in elections, then you have much to celebrate today. These are commonsense reforms that restore faith in our elections. Senate Democrats had a chance to support increasing transparency in our elections, but they chose to mislead voters and spread hyperbolic rhetoric. Overriding this veto ensures voters can go to the polls knowing that elections are being conducted in a fair, nonpartisan manner.”

Sen. Newton released the following statement on the override of Senate Bill 678, “Clean Energy/Other Changes”:

“Nuclear power must be a part of the discussion when we are talking about energy, and Senate Bill 678 ensures it will be. Over the governor’s opposition, the General Assembly is putting North Carolina in a position where expanding nuclear is less of a question and more of a reality. Citizens and businesses will benefit from the true clean energy advancements made in this bill.”

The Senate also successfully overrode Gov. Cooper’s veto of House Bill 600, “Regulatory Reform Act of 2023.”



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