Statement from Senate Leader Phil Berger on the Budget Being Signed Into Law

Raleigh, N.C. — Gov. Roy Cooper today signed the North Carolina budget into law after it received overwhelming bipartisan votes in the legislature.

Senate Leader Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) said, “This budget continues the Republican-led legislature’s decade-long commitment to low taxes and responsible spending. The multibillion-dollar surpluses these policies helped create are evidence that they’re working, and it means we can cut taxes even more.”

The budget includes a provision to rein in the executive branch’s emergency powers. It also prohibits the type of secretive settlement deal that Attorney General Josh Stein struck with politically allied lawyers to change election law after voting began in 2020.

Below are details on noteworthy provisions of the compromise budget:

Total Spend

  • Net appropriation for FY 2021–22 is $25.9 billion and net appropriation for FY 2022–23 is $27.0 billion.


  • A 5% pay raise for most state employees and an average 5% pay raise for teachers over the biennium.


  • $6 billion in cash to the State Capital and Infrastructure Fund over the biennium to fund infrastructure projects and pay down debt.


  • Increases zero-tax bracket to $25,500.


  • Additional $1.5 billion above the base budget over the biennium in recurring funds for K-12 education.

Other Items

  • Provides a 5% supplement for state retirees over the biennium.



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