Statement from Sen. Bill Rabon on Sen. Phil Berger’s Leadership

Raleigh, N.C. — Sen. Bill Rabon (R-Brunswick) issued the following statement regarding tonight’s results and Senate Leader Phil Berger’s (R-Rockingham) leadership:

“Every political prognosticator considered the N.C. Senate to be up for grabs. Because of Sen. Phil Berger’s leadership, it’s not even close.

“Every excuse for the Democratic Party’s failure to secure the state legislature, from maps to money to false and offensive charges of ‘voter suppression,’ has been dispelled by tonight’s clear result amid record-breaking turnout.

“Sen. Berger is a rarity. He is a true and steady leader of North Carolina, and it stems from thoughtful, reasoned policy choices and, when necessary, pragmatic compromise with our friends on the other side. Nobody has worked harder than Phil Berger, and it’s an honor to continue to serve in the Senate majority with my friend as leader.”

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