What science, facts, and data shows that outdoor seating is more dangerous than indoor seating?

What science, facts, and data shows that a drink at a brewery is safe, but a drink outside at a bar is dangerous?

Raleigh, N.C. — Respectfully, Gov. Cooper needs to show the science, facts, and data underlying his opposition to a bill to expand outdoor seating options for restaurants and bars, which other states have embraced.

Gov. Cooper has permitted restaurants, breweries, distilleries, and wineries to operate, but he has not allowed for expanded outdoor seating and he treats bars differently than every other business in the industry.

Other states have reviewed the same science, facts, and data but reached entirely different conclusions.

In Illinois, the Governor changed his phased approach to allow outdoor seating at restaurants and bars “based on advice from public health officials.”

In Maryland, bars and restaurants can operate outdoors.

In Northern Virginia, counties are allowing expanded outdoor seating options for businesses.

In Ohio, cities are closing down streets to expand outdoor seating options.

In New York, cities are expediting permits to expand outdoor seating.

In Minnesota, businesses can expand outdoor operations.

Hopefully, it’s not the case, as Democratic Senator Wiley Nickel revealed publicly on the Senate floor yesterday, that this is just about “power for the Governor.”

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