Senate Passes “Parents’ Bill of Rights”

All but one Senate Democrat voted against the bill which gives parents greater access to classroom instructional material

The “Parents’ Bill of Rights” enumerates and broadens the rights of parents in education, and brings transparency to classrooms

Sen. Ballard: “Schools shouldn’t be withholding information from parents”

Raleigh, N.C. — Today, the North Carolina Senate passed House Bill 755, known as the “Parents’ Bill of Rights.” The legislation supports a strong partnership between parents and educators and prioritizes the safety of students. Only one Senate Democrat voted to support the bill.

“We know that children perform better in school when their parents are involved in their education. By allowing parents to review instructional materials like textbooks, parents can take a more active role in their child’s education,” Senate Education Committee Chairwoman Sen. Deanna Ballard (R-Watauga) said. “Schools shouldn’t be withholding information from parents about their child’s well-being. This bill establishes transparency as the new norm in education.”

The “Parents’ Bill of Rights” includes several measures that broaden the rights of parents in education. The bill:

  • Provides a pathway for parents to request materials related to in-class instruction.

Despite the obvious benefits, and support from the public, almost every single Senate Democrat chose to vote against parents and students. While Democrats claim to support parents’ rights, that is nothing more than lip service. Republicans remain dedicated to fighting for parental involvement in education, including school choice.

The “Parents’ Bill of Rights” now goes to the North Carolina House of Representatives for consideration.



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