Senate Dems Vote to Keep Guns Away from Black People

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2 min readAug 18, 2021

Yet more hypocrisy from race-obsessed Senate Democrats as Republicans vote to end Jim Crow-era pistol permit law that was used to deny black people their Second Amendment rights

UNC Law Review: “Black applicants [for pistol permits] are rejected at a rate near three times as high as White applicants”

Raleigh, N.C. — North Carolina began disarming its black residents in 1840 by enacting legislation “under which free men of color were restricted from carrying firearms and from which white men were exempt,” according to the North Carolina Law Review at UNC School of Law.

Following post-Civil War federal action requiring race neutrality, North Carolina’s Democrat-controlled legislature enacted a permit system to again prevent black residents from owning guns. The North Carolina Law Review reports that “the permit system’s intention was to keep minorities from possessing handguns.”

Now, a century later, “Black applicants [are] experiencing a rejection rate of approximately three times the rate of White applicants” for pistol permits at the Wake County Sheriff’s Office.

Today, the North Carolina Senate voted to repeal the Jim Crow-era pistol permit system that the Democrats created to prevent black people from owning guns.

But every Senate Democrat, like those legislators in 1919, voted to maintain the discriminatory gun control system that they would view as racist in any other context.

Sen. Chuck Edwards (R-Henderson) said, “Senate Democrats cry ‘racism’ at nearly every turn. Yet they just voted to maintain a system actually created to disarm people of color, and which disproportionately impacts black people to this very day. Senate Democrats allege racism when it benefits them politically, but ignore it everywhere else.”

Senate Democrats have also falsely alleged that repealing the Jim Crow-era gun control law will somehow change background check requirements.

But WRAL reported months ago that the N.C. Sheriffs’ Association concluded, “With recent advances in the database checks gun dealers run at purchase, the pistol permit is no longer needed… the [National Instant Criminal Background] check and the pistol permit are duplicative.”

The bill passed the Senate on a 27–20 party-line vote. It now goes to Gov. Roy Cooper for consideration.



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