Sen. Hise Response to Court’s Rejection of Attempt to Remove Witness Requirements on Absentee Ballots

Washington Democrats sought to overturn absentee ballot fraud protections put in place after 2018 NC-9 Congressional election

Court rejected last-minute attempt to jeopardize election security

Raleigh, N.C. — Washington Democrats sued to overturn an election security law passed with bipartisan support in the wake of widespread absentee ballot fraud uncovered in the 2018 Congressional election for North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District.

Witness signatures on absentee ballots helped uncover the fraudulent activity that took place in the 2018 Congressional election and is suspected to have taken place for many other elections before 2018.

The suit sought to eliminate all witness requirements for absentee ballots.

This afternoon, a three-judge panel rejected the Washington Democrats’ attempt to undermine election security. Both federal and state courts have now upheld the witness requirement.

Sen. Ralph Hise, who co-chairs the Senate Elections Committee, said, “The court upheld the election integrity law that passed with broad bipartisan support after the NC-9 absentee ballot fraud. The judges were right to reject this dangerous attempt to eliminate basic protections against fraudulent activity that took place in the most recent federal election, and I hope they do the same with the multiple other lawsuits filed by Washington Democrats this year.”

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