Sen. Berger Visits N.C. A&T, Meets with Students and Faculty to Discuss the University’s Groundbreaking Work

Sen. Berger meets with faculty and staff at N.C. A&T to learn about their work in robotics.

Greensboro, N.C. — Senate Leader Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) toured North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, the nation’s largest HBCU, on Tuesday. During the tour, Sen. Berger saw the groundbreaking work the university is doing in robotics, cybersecurity, and autonomous vehicle technology.

Sen. Berger also met with a Cheatham-White Merit Scholar and Chancellor Harold L. Martin, Sr., to discuss the university’s important role in our state and Greensboro.

As one of North Carolina’s top research campuses, N.C. A&T has been recognized as the nation’s top-rated HBCU and is the №1 producer of undergraduate degrees awarded to African Americans in agriculture and engineering.

North Carolina A&T’s mission uniquely positions the university to educate and train future leaders in engineering and STEM-related fields. Its focus on excellence and innovation prepares its graduates to be leaders in their professions.

“North Carolina A&T is a remarkable institution,” Sen. Berger said. “The students and faculty are working on cutting-edge technology that will help solve problems here in North Carolina and across the world. Graduates receive a rewarding hands-on education that sets them up for success. I appreciate Chancellor Martin’s leadership and thank him for taking the time to show me what makes N.C. A&T a world-class university.”

Sen. Berger hears from faculty about N.C. A&T’s Cybersecurity Lab.

The General Assembly has prioritized supporting our state’s HBCUs, including N.C. A&T. Since Republicans gained the majority, N.C. A&T has received more than $1 billion.

As part of the N.C. Promise program, the General Assembly created a merit-based scholarship for students at North Carolina Central University and N.C. A&T called the Cheatham-White Scholarship. The scholarship fully funds four years of college and includes associated costs like tuition, student fees, housing, meals, textbooks, and more.

The state budget passed last year increases funding for N.C. A&T’s doctoral programs, and starting in fiscal year 2022–23, it will receive $10 million annually.




Press releases from N.C. Senate Republicans and Senate Leader Phil Berger

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Press releases from N.C. Senate Republicans and Senate Leader Phil Berger

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