Sen. Ballard and Parent Advocates Urge Gov. Cooper to Act on School Reopening Bill, Not Drag Out the 10 Day Clock

Gov has 10 days to sign, veto, or do nothing with school reopening bill

Sen. Ballard: “Parents and children have waited long enough for certainty. Let’s not drag this out any longer.”

Raleigh, N.C. — Yesterday, the N.C. General Assembly sent Gov. Roy Cooper Senate Bill 37, which requires public schools to offer students in-person instruction. Gov. Cooper has until Feb. 28 to act on the bill. He can sign it, veto it, or let it become law after 10 days without his signature.

Sen. Deanna Ballard (R-Watauga), who co-chairs the Senate Education Committee, said, “Parents and children have waited long enough for some level of certainty in their public education. I hope that Gov. Cooper chooses not to drag this out for another week and a half. This is a two-page bill that’s been in the public for weeks. If a veto is coming, then do it now so the legislature can vote to override. If the Governor intends to let it become law, then he should sign it instead of taking the politically expedient option of dragging this out to the end of the month just so he can tell the far-left NCAE he didn’t attach his signature to it.”

Kelly Mann, a Wake County mother who has passionately advocated for her, and all, children’s return to school, said, “This is not a question about bars. This is not a question about bowling alleys. This is about children. Dragging this decision out for another 10 days would be yet another affront to parents who desperately want some certainty in their children’s education. I hope Gov. Cooper makes a decision now so we can move on to the next step.”

Christine Hanks, a Carteret County mother who has also passionately advocated for a return to school, said, “It’s time to put students first. The power to get students back in the classroom is sitting on Gov. Cooper’s desk. I hope the Governor signs this bill, but even if he chooses not to, it’s just not right to drag this out for another week and a half. Act now.”

The science showing students can safely return to the classroom is overwhelming, as is the evidence that continuing to withhold in-person instruction from children will cause further short- and long-term devastation.

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