Rural Dems Buck Party to Support Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement

In 2A sanctuary counties, 76% of Dems on Boards of Commissioners voted to support sanctuary policy

Democratic Party’s platform is too radical even for elected members of the Democratic Party

Raleigh, N.C. — Democratic Party leaders need to call their members.

In North Carolina, 13 counties with Democrats on the Board of Commissioners have voted to become Second Amendment sanctuaries. Seventy-six percent of the Democratic commissioners in those counties voted to support the resolutions.

Senators Tom McInnis (R-Richmond) and Brent Jackson (R-Sampson) said, “You won’t find a clearer example of the internal fractures facing the Democratic Party. Even elected officials are bucking the extreme urban-focused agenda the Democratic Party elites are pushing.”

The Democratic Party’s geography problem is turning into a crisis. Democrats are more concentrated in cities, which is pulling the party’s platform to the extreme left. It’s turning off voters and even elected officials in suburban and rural areas.

Just this week Cleveland County Sheriff Alan Norman switched his party registration from Democrat to Republican: “I did not leave the Democrat Party, the party left me. Enough said!”

Democratic Party policies like gun confiscation, open borders/sanctuary cities, and extreme late-term abortion are creating internal fissures within their own ranks.

The fact that 76% of Democratic county commissioners in Second Amendment sanctuaries bucked their party should be a frightening wake-up call.

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