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Mar 1, 2021

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REMINDER: In February, One of NC’s Largest Counties Estimated All Teachers Would be Vaccinated “In Two and a Half Weeks”

Guilford County estimated in mid-February it could vaccinate “all educators” in “two and a half weeks”

Other counties vaccinated teachers as far back as January

School reopening bill wouldn’t take effect until mid-March, well past point county says it could vaccinate all teachers

Sen. Ballard: “No legitimate excuse exists to prohibit school districts from operating under Plan A if they so choose”

Raleigh, N.C. — Though the CDC said teacher vaccinations are not necessary to safely return to in-person instruction, the far-left N.C. Association of Educators has been pushing for teacher vaccinations before reopening all schools.

Gov. Roy Cooper even prioritized teachers to receive the vaccine ahead of cancer patients.

Teacher vaccinations are now in full swing, and one of North Carolina’s largest counties said in February that they can vaccinate all teachers in “two and a half weeks.”

Other North Carolina counties began vaccinating school employees many weeks ago. Jackson County Public Schools, for example, “dismissed students early so staff could get vaccinated” way back in January.

Yet Gov. Cooper vetoed a school reopening bill that provides broad flexibility to districts to offer in-person instruction, including under Plan A if they so choose.

Sen. Deanna Ballard (R-Watauga) said, “No legitimate excuse exists to forbid school districts from operating under Plan A if they so choose. Some districts have already vaccinated their teachers, and one of the state’s largest counties said they can do so in short order. The Governor has chosen fealty to the far-left NCAE over the best interests of children, and we’ll have an opportunity in a few hours to correct that egregious failure of leadership.”