Out-of-Control Federal Judge Calls Black Democrats Racists

Lawless judge: NC Voter ID has “discriminatory intent”

Reality: An African American Democrat SPONSORED the bill and three African American Democrats VOTED FOR the bill

Did they all have discriminatory intent?

An out-of-control federal judge overruled the millions of North Carolina voters who added voter ID to their state’s constitution, saying the measure has “discriminatory intent.”

Discriminatory intent? The bill to implement voter ID had three primary sponsors. One is an African American Democrat. And three black Democrats voted for the bill in the Senate.

Did they have discriminatory intent, too? Did African American Democrats really write and support a bill to disenfranchise African Americans?

It appears that only one media outlet has asked. WRAL asked former Senator Joel Ford, an African American Democrat who sponsored the voter ID bill, if he had discriminatory intent. Senator Ford said, “No.”

With no legal basis for suppressing the will of the millions of North Carolinians who voted to amend their Constitution to require voter ID, the judge had to make something up.

It’s lawlessness. Every North Carolinian who believes they, not an unelected judge, have the final say in their Constitution should be outraged.

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