Operational Plans for Senate Session

Raleigh, N.C. — The Senate’s 2019–20 session will reopen for business on April 28. Below are the short-term protocols the Senate is putting in place, with concurrence from the Minority Leader, to allow the session to reopen while maintaining health and safety for members and the general public.

Building Access

· Building access will be limited to members, staff, and credentialed press.

Press Access

· Press will be seated in the chamber gallery and a designated overflow room.

· A single press pool camera feed for livestream will be provided by a media outlet selected by the Capital Press Corps.

· Gaggles on the Senate floor will not be permitted. More detailed instructions for conducting interviews before or after session will be shared at a later date.

Chamber Floor Access

· All Senators

· Essential Senate staff only

· Limited Clerk’s office staff

· Limited Sergeants at Arms staff

Senator Seating and Voting

· Senators will be appropriately spaced throughout the chamber, some remaining at their regular desks and some in other locations if requested by the Senator to allow more distance between other Senators and staff.

· Senators not at their desk, but physically in the chamber, will individually vote by voice and have their votes recorded electronically.

· The Senate will offer staggered and extended voting times for Senators as needed to space out the number of Senators in the chamber at any one time.

· Senators will maintain a minimum distance of six feet from others while in the chamber.


· If committee meetings are necessary, they will be held virtually.

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