Medicaid Expansion is Destroying NY’s Budget

Gov invokes emergency order slashing hospital payments to cope with $6 billion hole

NY extracts more than DOUBLE the tax revenue per resident than NC, but NY is still billions in the red because of Medicaid expansion

Fairy tale promises of “free money” from Medicaid expansion are a fantasy

Raleigh, N.C. — New York State faces a $6 billion budget deficit despite years of a record-breaking national economic expansion. Why? Medicaid.

The New York Post reports that “exploding costs in New York’s popular health-insurance program for the needy is largely fueling the state’s projected $6 billion budget deficit for 2020.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo has already “invoked an emergency order” slashing reimbursement rates to hospitals and nursing homes.

This is where fairy tale promises collide with reality. Governor Roy Cooper is selling the same fantasy to North Carolina voters and the media. The actual evidence from other states shows that Medicaid expansion will bust budgets.

What will you believe: Reality or Roy Cooper?

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