Legislature Seeks Full 15-Judge Court of Appeals Hearing on Voter ID

Procedure would have every Court of Appeals judge vote on whether to permit Constitutionally-required voter ID

Court filing eviscerates flawed, biased determination from all-Democrat three-judge panel

Raleigh, N.C. — Republicans in the North Carolina General Assembly requested a rehearing by the full Court of Appeals after an all-Democrat three-judge panel’s decision to indefinitely suspend the constitutional requirement for voter ID.

The procedure, called an “en banc rehearing,” would have the entire 15-member Court of Appeals hear the case and vote on an outcome.

Five of the 15 seats on the Court of Appeals are on the ballot in November. The voter ID constitutional amendment passed with support from 55% of voters in the Democratic wave election in 2018.

In its court filing, legislative defendants eviscerated the deeply flawed, legally baseless decision from the all-Democrat three-judge panel to indefinitely suspend voter ID.

The all-Democrat panel ignored binding legal precedent, ignored exculpatory expert testimony, and absurdly concluded that it is unconstitutional for the legislature to enact Constitutionally-required voter ID legislation until some Republican legislators retire.

The all-Democrat panel also bizarrely concluded that a law mandated by the voters and sponsored by an African American Democrat was motivated by racially discriminatory intent against other African Americans.

The entire 15-judge Court of Appeals will now vote on whether to schedule an en banc rehearing.

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