Legislative Leaders to Immediately Appeal Judge Collins’s Ruling

No surprise from a judge with clear animus towards the legislature

Judge Collins previously tried to deem the entire legislature a “usurper body”; was overturned unanimously on appeal

Raleigh, N.C. — Senate Leader Phil Berger released the following statement in response to Judge Bryan Collins’s unsurprising ruling that unelected Democrats can rewrite state election law in the middle of the election:

“A bipartisan supermajority agreed on the law governing this election months ago. The secretive effort by Attorney General Josh Stein and the N.C. State Board of Elections to rewrite that law while voting is underway is wrong, inappropriate, and creating chaos.

“Judge Collins, who issued a ruling last year trying to deem the entire legislature a ‘usurper body,’ unsurprisingly sided with unelected Democrats in their effort to rewrite election law while voting is already underway.

“We expected this to happen and will immediately appeal. Collins’s lawless ruling last year was overturned unanimously on appeal, and we expect the same result this time.

“We will not stop fighting to uphold the law, which a bipartisan supermajority enacted earlier this year, that protects against absentee ballot fraud.”

The official Medium account for N.C. Senate Leader Phil Berger’s press office.

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