Joint Statement from Sens. Berger and Blue on COVID-19 Efforts

Raleigh, N.C. — Senate Leader Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) and Senate Democratic Leader Dan Blue (D-Wake) released the following joint statement regarding the Senate’s COVID-19 efforts.

“Earlier this week the two of us had a lengthy discussion about how to best address the COVID-19 crisis in North Carolina. We agreed that the best route was to survey the state for needs and come to a consensus with Governor Cooper and the House for how to help all North Carolinians.

“In order to accomplish that we will ask senators with interest or issue-area expertise in COVID-19 to reach out to their community to compile specific ideas for how we can respond. We will continue to lean on every member of the Senate during this time to do outreach.

“Those conversations are providing insight into how the state can and will move forward from this crisis. With those ideas in mind, the issue-area leaders will come together, compare notes and report back to leadership.

“Later this week we will hold a joint leadership call to provide updates on our efforts and discuss next steps.

“In this time of fear and uncertainty, our members have stepped up to the challenge and are taking those ideas and putting them to paper. For now, we are stronger apart than we are together. In the coming days and weeks, proposals from Murphy to Manteo will find their way to Raleigh.

“Senators and staff are well-equipped to take those suggestions and create a relief package that will be considered promptly when the General Assembly returns. We are in unprecedented times, but North Carolina can weather this new threat and we’re optimistic that we can do so in a meaningful way.”

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