“I Don’t Want to Lose My Job”: Teachers Express Fear of Retaliation for Speaking Out Against CRT

  • “I am a NC public school teacher . . . The leftist political activism in our school system is real. Many of us are too afraid to lose our careers and reputations by speaking up against it.”
  • “Anyone who speaks up is afraid they will be ‘canceled’ or ‘terminated’ because they have a different opinion. This is not the work environment we should be exposed to or the environment our students should be presented with when they enter the classroom.”
  • “I am 5 years away from retirement and that seems like forever right now . . . Please keep my letter private because I don’t want to lose my job so I can still get my retirement but I couldn’t just sit back and act like what is happening is okay.”
  • “Please contact me if you have any questions. I have pictures and records of everything. Please do not post my identity. I’d lose my job.”
  • “I am a School Counselor at a middle school so please keep this as confidential as possible. I am very concerned about the security of my job . . . I have taken no steps to resolve this problem. Mostly because I am very concerned that I would get fired for my personal beliefs if they were known.”



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