How Are Democrats Mask Hypocrites? Let Me Count the Ways.

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3 min readJul 13, 2020


Democratic senators attacked U.S. Army veteran with service-related breathing condition for not wearing a mask.

Here are pictures of how seriously the Democrats take masks when they think nobody’s watching.

Raleigh, N.C. — North Carolina Sen. Danny Britt (R-Robeson) served his country in the deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan. Because of that service, he developed a breathing condition that complicates wearing a mask.

But service and sacrifice to his country did not spare Sen. Britt from hypocritical attacks from Democrats in the Senate. On Twitter, Senate Democrats pretend they’re mask warriors. But when they think nobody’s looking, they’re mass mask hypocrites.

Here’s a best hits rundown of the hypocrisy:

Sen. Wiley Nickel (D-Wake)

Yesterday, Sen. Nickel complained on Twitter that “I wore a mask and he [Sen. Britt] didn’t” during a recent conversation on the Senate floor.

Here’s how much Sen. Nickel cares about masks on the Senate floor:

Sen. Nickel speaks maskless with a colleague on the Senate floor.

Sen. Nickel using his hand as a facemask on the Senate floor next to his (also maskless) Democratic colleague, Sen. Paul Lowe (D-Forsyth).

Sen. Jay Chaudhuri (D-Wake)

Last week, Sen. Chaudhuri tweeted, “The ‘proactive’ action would have been for the Republican Senate Caucus to mandate their members #WearADamnMask.”

Here’s how seriously Sen. Chaudhuri takes the issue when he thinks nobody is watching:

Sen. Chaudhuri, maskless around colleagues in the Senate Chamber.

Sen. Chaudhuri, maskless around colleagues in the Senate halls.

More Hypocrisy

Here are even more examples of mask hypocrisy from Senate Democrats.

Sen. Don Davis (D-Pitt) speaks maskless to Sens. Sam Searcy (D-Wake) and Jay Chaudhuri. (Yes, it’s the same Sen. Chaudhuri who attacked Republicans for not “wearing a damn mask.”)

Sen. Terry Van Duyn (D-Buncombe) speaks maskless to her colleague, Sen. Natasha Marcus (D-Mecklenburg).

Sen. Erica Smith (D-Northampton) speaks maskless to her Democratic colleague, Sen. Don Davis.

Sen. Paul Lowe speaks to colleagues on the Senate floor without a mask.

Sen. Jeff Jackson (D-Mecklenburg) removed his mask on the Senate floor to take a selfie.

Secretary Mandy Cohen

And we can’t forget the coup de grace. As Secretary Mandy Cohen entered a room for a press conference earlier this month, she thought the camera was zoomed in on the podium. But it turns out the camera was zoomed out, and Secretary Cohen was caught with other people while not wearing a mask, then pretending to put the mask on and take it off when she thought she was on camera.

Watch here.



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