Four States Have Submitted Applications for $300 Unemployment Supplement. Where’s NC’s?

Arizona, New Mexico, Iowa, and Louisiana already submitted paperwork to access Pres. Trump’s $300 per week unemployment supplement

Gov. Cooper still hasn’t submitted the application

Gov. Cooper’s admin ranked dead last in the country in timeliness of unemployment assistance delivery

Raleigh, N.C. — Four states have already submitted applications to the federal government to access President Trump’s $300-per-week unemployment assistance supplement.

North Carolina is not among them.

Sen. Chuck Edwards (R-Henderson), who co-chairs the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Unemployment Insurance, said, “There are limited federal funds in the account used to pay President Trump’s $300-per-week unemployment supplement. When the money runs out, the program ends. Gov. Cooper needs to hurry up and submit North Carolina’s application so North Carolinians can access President Trump’s $300-per-week supplement.”

Even before the pandemic, Gov. Cooper’s administration ranked dead last in the country in getting unemployment checks out the door.

Last week, Gov. Cooper, through a spokesperson, objected to President Trump’s $300-per-week unemployment supplement because the funding ran through the federal disaster relief account.

Legislators pointed out that Gov. Cooper himself requested unemployment assistance through that very account earlier this year, and used the Disaster Unemployment Assistance program after previous hurricanes.

Gov. Cooper then reversed his position and agreed to accept President Trump’s unemployment assistance offer, but he still has not submitted the necessary paperwork to do so.

In their letter to Gov. Cooper last week, legislators wrote, “That you would accept Disaster Unemployment Assistance in other disasters but object to similar assistance during this disaster only fuels concern that you may withhold $300 per week to the unemployed so as not to give President Trump credit.”

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