FLASHBACK: Internal NCAE Docs Show Far-Left Group Sought to “Tap Into Reentry Anxiety” to Boost Dem Political Operation

NCAE Docs: “Tap into re-entry anxiety … Use the [safe schools] petition to build contact lists … Pivot from re-entry petition work into electoral mobilization”

Raleigh, N.C. — Leaked internal documents from the far-left N.C. Association of Educators (NCAE) show the group’s 2020 campaign strategy was to “tap into re-entry anxiety” to “pivot into electoral mobilization.”

Sen. Deanna Ballard (R-Watauga), who co-chairs the Senate Education Committee, said, “For the far-left NCAE, the school reopening fight has always been about political power, not what’s best for children. Just look at these internal documents showing the far-left NCAE strategy to take advantage of parents’ and teachers’ fear in a perverse effort to elect Democrats.”

Sen. Ballard continued, “The irony shouldn’t be lost on anybody that at the same time the NCAE was planning its fear campaign for ‘electoral mobilization,’ Harvard public health experts warned ‘some children may never recover’ from the school closures the NCAE helped effectuate. Now, the group is still denying science in pushing its allies in the Democratic Party to vote ‘no’ on reopening schools.”

The science on school reopenings is overwhelming. Senate Bill 37, which will be voted on today, effectively eliminates Plan C, the all-virtual option, and grants school districts wide flexibility in determining how best to operate in-person while requiring they adhere to DHHS safety protocols.

Democrats’ loyalty to the far-left NCAE has produced absurd positions:

  • They support schools reopening but oppose measures to reopen them.
  • They voted for $1.6 billion in school aid and then, 24 hours later, claimed there wasn’t enough money to reopen schools.
  • They support local school district flexibility to decide how to reopen, but oppose a bill granting that flexibility because…it’s too flexible.
  • They claim most parents in their districts don’t want schools to reopen even as parents in their districts pool their money together to buy giant billboards demanding schools reopen.




Press releases from N.C. Senate Republicans and Senate Leader Phil Berger

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Senator Berger Press Shop

Senator Berger Press Shop

Press releases from N.C. Senate Republicans and Senate Leader Phil Berger

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