Dems Getting the Vapors Over Bill to Make Election Day the Election Deadline

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2 min readMar 26, 2021

Hyperventilating Dems: Making Election Day the election deadline “rolls back our promise of democracy”

Reality: An election deadline must exist; 32 states already make Election Day the election deadline

Raleigh, N.C. — Democrats are getting the vapors over the Election Integrity Act, which simply places the election deadline on Election Day.

Unreasonable Democrats are arguing that moving a deadline by three days many months before the next election is tantamount to destroying democracy.

North Carolina was one of the last states in the country for which major 2020 election results (e.g., U.S. President, U.S. Senate) were called. The Election Integrity Act aims to allow election results to be called as close to Election Day as possible.

The measure has four main components:

  • Make Election Day the deadline for the Board of Elections to receive and count absentee ballots (the current legal deadline is three days after Election Day);
  • Put the deadline to request an absentee ballot at 14 days before Election Day to ensure there is plenty of time for voters to receive and mail back an absentee ballot;
  • Prohibit private third party donations to the Board of Elections to minimize the perception of a conflict of interest in counting votes;
  • Provide $5 million to create a mobile voter ID unit that can travel to a person’s home to create a photo ID.

Sen. Ralph Hise (R-Mitchell), who co-chairs the Senate Elections Committee, said, “The basic aim of the Election Integrity Act is to allow elections to be called as quickly as possible. Every passing day after an election with no called outcomes just breeds suspicion in people’s minds. Even if there is no cause for that suspicion, perception impacts trust, and that’s something to take seriously.”

Hise continued, “The next election is many months away. An election must have a deadline. This bill simply makes Election Day the ballot receipt deadline. There is ample time to communicate to voters about the deadlines for the next election. The Democrats’ hyperbole about destroying democracy is laughable. Our proposal moves the deadline by three days (I repeat, three days).”



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